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Here at Focus and shoot Photography studio we love your pets visiting for their portraits or joining in family shoots.

My name is Branka and I’m a portrait photographer from Beeston, Nottingham where I run my photo business, Focus and shoot photography. While photographing pets and the relationships people have with them is my specialty, I also enjoy photographing families and children in my studio or on location.

Having a photo of your dog can be a treasure and a memory that can last forever to put on the wall, on your shelf or simply have it in a photo album. I will take high quality photos which are fully edited to an excellent standard so you’ll be left with a beautiful image of your pet.

You may be worried that your pet will misbehave and it will be not possible to get a decent photo of them. However, I have had a lot of experience photographing dogs and will make sure you’ll get the best out of the photoshoot as I will takes multiple pictures with different setups.

As we start the session off, I makes sure to lock the gate so your pet is safe at all times and can’t escape the building and will let your dog wander off for a while to get used to the place. Treats and toys are also used if allowed by the owner to help your pet stay in place. I have many different props, backdrops and a variety of setups to give a unique theme to the photo(s) you’ll receive. Here’s a picture of my dog Fudge posing on one of the chairs with a magnificent bow tie:I

With smaller dogs, I would typically use baskets or small chairs seeing as they’re the perfect fit for them plus owners love seeing their pet in them. As for larger dogs, they would be posing on a backdrop that’d suit them best and would really bring out their looks. Here is a selection of small and larger dogs that I have taken:

The session usually lasts around an hour but can go overtime without a problem if needed. So what are you waiting for? Your dog in the focus! Phone 07906910607 to book a session or visit for other ways to contact the studio.

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